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Tips to Avoid Overpacking

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Today I want to talk about packing. I love to travel and go different places which requires me to pack for everywhere I go. This blog will focus on packing for trips but can also be applied for college students moving in, everyone that is currently evacuating due to hurricane Dorian, and much more. Tips to avoid overpacking…. Let’s get started!

Pack Outfits Not Pieces

To me, this one is a game changer!!! I used to always lay out a few shirts, pants, sweaters and then I got to the hotel and realized none of my stuff really matches the way I would like for it to. Therefore, I started with packing outfits. Trust me it works so so so much better.

Basics Are the Key

This topic ties in with the first topic. As you are packing outfits, involve basics that can simply be reused but styled differently. To do so, make sure each basic matches with your chosen clothing pieces. To make this even simpler, choose neutral colors.

Roll the Clothes

This is actually something I learned from my boyfriend. I was in such a hurry trying to finish packing before we left on a trip, so he helped as I handed my clothes to him and he put them in my luggage. When we were done I looked inside my luggage and honestly was speechless. First off, it looks insanely organized, second, half my luggage was still empty and that is a very rare thing. Ever since, I roll my clothes every single time!

Purses and Shoes

This is a short topic and only concerns you if you are a purse and shoe lover like me. To me purses and shoes are like bras and undies. They go together, and they need to match at all time! Let’s say I pack two purses, I make sure that each shoe I pack will match to either of the purses otherwise they are not making the cut.

Use a Checklist

Didn’t we all do this when we were kids? I don’t know about you, but I sure did. My little sister makes checklists for almost everything and I truly admire it because guess who is the one person that usually has everything together? Her. Checklists are great and my tip for a checklist is to start it a week ahead of time. The reason I say that is because we tend to forget about small things we use throughout the day. Trust me you will at least add one thing each day it amazes me every time! I always forget my toothbrush because it’s the last thing I use before my departure but thankfully each country has that in their drugstore lol.

I hope this helped some of you and wish you a great next trip…I am praying for everyone affected by this hurricane and hope your family and friends as well as yourself are safe. Sending lots of love!


Seraina Deborah

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