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My Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Have you ever gone to Starbucks, not knowing what to order? Maybe it was that you didn’t understand why they call their small a tall or maybe because you were just blown away by their options. No matter what makes it hard to decide, I’d love to help you a little. Below are my ultimate favorites and a little giveaway at the end.

Caramel Macchiato 

This is by far my most purchased coffee! It is the perfect blend of cloudy steamed milk, a little vanilla touch to it and caramel drizzle to top it off. I always like to stir my coffee before I enjoy my first sip and I really believe it makes a big difference ;)

Chestnut Praline Latte

Merry Christmas! This coffee sadly is only sold during Christmas time but when it is available it is my first choice. It is a little less sweet than the caramel macchiato but has a stronger flavor due to the caramelized chestnuts. The best part is the whipping cream on top sprinkled with little sweet and tasty chestnut crumbles.

Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato

This is my mother’s favorite coffee at Starbucks! It’s a perfect blend of that fall and winter feeling with its cinnamon touch. The creamy almond milk makes the coffee smooth and gives it a soft flavor. My mother personally likes to ask them to make less sweet and I personally prefer that as well. 

Chai Tea Latte

This was my everyday drink during my stay in NYC, so you know it must be good ;) If you do not like coffee but would like to drink something hot, this is the perfect drink for you. The blend of chai spices and creamy milk gives it a very festive feel. I personally always ask for no water in it to give it a creamier and smoother taste.

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

This is the only coffee I truly enjoy drinking iced. The mixture of milk, espresso and white chocolate sauce over ice is a perfect refresher but still a great caffeine boost. I prefer ordering it with one less pump of flavor so the coffee taste is slightly stronger but yet creamy and milky.

Violet Drink

My sister actually first got me to try this drink and let me tell you it was love at first try. This is a blend of the famous very berry hibiscus and coconut milk. For the cherry on top, they add blackberries to give it a fresh touch. I like to order mine with light ice so I get more of the actual drink!

Iced Peach Green Tea 

This is perfect for anyone that wants a refreshing drink with a touch of freshness. The green tea and peach-flavored fruit juice combination is also great with lemonade added, which would be the “Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade.”

Last but not least... Seraina‘s Creation

Want something different? Try this combo and surprise yourself…

- iced green tea

- coconut milk instead of water

- add very berry hibiscus refresher 

- and berries!

Enjoy your next Starbucks run!!!

Before I end this blog, a little giveaway:

Comment my post on Instagram announcing this blog post and I will choose one winner to buy a Starbucks drink for next week.


Seraina Deborah

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