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Fashionable on A Budget

Happy Monday! The title says it all… fashionable on a budget. Most of us want to be fashionable but our bank account does not always agree with us, am I right? Well I have a few tips for you to stay fashionable on a budget. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Toss the Old for New

This is such a simple concept but, yet we totally forget about it. Take a look at all your clothes. Do you see any clothes you have not worn for over a year? I think we all know the answer. This is something I need to work on myself. I always tell myself that maybe one day I will wear it again but to be honest the chances are very small. So, I challenge you this week to go through your closet and take out everything that you have not worn in over a year and put it all in one big basket. DO NOT throw anything away. I recommend you sell them to a second-hand store, on social media or plan a yard sale. The point of this process is, if you sell your old clothes you can buy new ones with that money and it seems like you did not spend a cent.

Be Creative with Combining 

The number THREE is very important with anything concerning fashion. Wearing three colors in one outfit is always my goal, one or two at least being a neutral one such as white, black or tan. I try not to wear much more or much less than that. Something that I like to do is repeating at least one of the colors. For example, I like my purse and shoes to match or my purse with my belt. Anything works. Another fact about concerning three, is the number of pieces you wear. An outfit should consist of three pieces. You can add a cardigan, a flannel around your waist, a hat, just any accessory to pop it up. This is definitely not something I do every single day but something I try to pay attention to when I am trying to look extra fashionable.

Thrift Store

I live for thrifting!!! And I am so not ashamed to say this. Before you judge, check out your nearest thrift store and we will talk after  JK! But seriously, I have found a lot of good findings in thrift store including well-known brands and clothes that still have the tag on it.

Save on Seasons

I chose this to be the last one because I love this topic! Are you a season shopper? Well, you could be spending way too much money doing that. I am not saying you can’t buy a fall shirt or a winter sweater. Not at all. I am saying when you buy your shirt for the summer don’t put it away as soon as the next season hits. Try to find a way to combine your summer shirt with something to make it a fall/winter outfit. Maybe add a cardigan? or a flannel? Or why not wear your winter sweater with a skirt to make it a fall look? Think with an open mind and be creative. Trust me it will save you a lot of money :)

That is all for today and I really hope it was helpful to you and will allow you to be more fashionable on a budget!


Seraina Deborah

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