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Dress to Impress

Happy Monday everyone!!! This blog is all about fashion, how can we dress to impress. Not like any other blogs so far, this will be very a broad post that covers a lot of information I personally have seen very helpful concerning fashion. Let’s get started...

Develop Your Own Style

I chose this to be the very first point of this blog because I think it is the most important one. Growing up, my mom always pushed me to be my best self and my true self. The same goes for fashion, be your best self in a sense of fashionable but be your true self in a sense of style. We all have people we look up to because they have an amazing style but maybe what you love on them you won’t love on yourself. That’s because everyone has an own style and taste. Finding or developing your own style will not happen overnight or on your first try. It is a constant journey. When I was three years old I would put on red lipstick, my mother’s boots, her purse, jewelry covering my entire body, wrapped my hair in wrapping paper and think I am good to go for the day… like I said, it is a constant journey. But it’s never too late to start.

Colors Are Still Important

I think colors are such important facts of being fashionable. Looking back to middle school, proofs my point even more. Didn’t we all love to wear those really bright shirts or the colorful pants? Yes, I know you did too. To get to the point, we can owe colorful clothes or even a colorful pant, but what everyone NEEDS in their closet is a white and a black classic shirt. Sometimes simple is the key and less is more. One of my personal favorite looks is a plain white or black shirt, ripped pants and to top it off some kind of fun shoe.

Another important thing about color is finding out what colors look best on your skin color. To do that, find out if you prefer warm or cold toned colors on you and it will lead you to your color scheme. Ps: just because you prefer cold tone on your skin, doesn’t mean you can never wear warm tone just remember to either stick with warm or cold tone for an outfit.

Think of Your Figure

This is a very big topic, which I could write a whole other blog on, but there are a few things I would like to point out. I am sure you know that there are various body shapes. But do you know which one you are? Do you know what tones your specific body type the best? Sadly, not everything looks as great on every body shape. To start out, you need to find out what shape you are. Is it the straight, pear, apple, oval, triangle, or hourglass?

Hair Good Everything Good

If you are a friend of mine, you have heard this from me a million times. I truly believe if your hair looks good so does your outfit, well in most cases. I try to play with my hair with various braids, curls, up-do’s and so much more every day. Let me know if you would like a blog post on my favorite hairstyles or haircare!! 

Classy Over Flashy

I like to keep things looking classy. I always try to stick to one important rule: If my bottom shows a lot my top needs to be a nice coverage and if my top shows a lot I like to cover my bottom. This allows the outfit to look classy and sexy without it being flashy.

Please feel free to DM me with any additional questions :)

Have a great rest of the week!


Seraina Deborah

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