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7 Things that Will Make Your Life Simpler

I grew up being in the elite rhythmic gymnastics team and trained over 15 hours a week. Perfect was all they always cared about and so it reflected on my life. One day I realized I need to let go of perfection because it only brings disappointment after not fulfilling it. So, I set myself a new goal to find that in between perfect and imperfect. Here are 7 life hacks that helped me to let go of my want-to-have perfect life.

Prepare ahead

My morning routine used to consist of 15 minutes hair and makeup, 10 minutes eating breakfast and 35 minutes trying to figure out what I want to wear that day. Until I started preparing ahead!!! Every night I prepare my outfit for the next day and this allows me to sleep in just a little longer, your welcome ;)

Dry Shampoo

Washing my hair is the biggest pain because God blessed me with so much thick hair. Therefore, dry shampoo is my go-to! I like to wash my hair every second or third day because not only is it less work for me but also much healthier for your hair. The cool thing is after doing this for a few weeks your hair will naturally get less greasy.

Half Curls

I personally feel so much more confident when my hair looks good, but I do not have time every day to perfectly curl every piece of my hair. Therefore, I started to only curl the top layer of my hair and then shake it out and it looks super cute and natural! I will be working on a hair blog with different hair styles so stay tuned!

Shaving time

Shaving is annoying and time consuming, but so is conditioning your hair. So, I started applying my conditioner right before I shave so my shaving time can be used wisely.

Mascara rush

I like natural and simple make up looks (let me know if you would like me to do a 7 Things I use on my every day makeup). But to make your make up look a thousand times better, apply a second layer of mascara only on the outside wing of your top lashes.

Three in one food

Living in an apartment has taught me multiple things, one thing is that cooking every day is not always super easy. So, I started cooking three meals in one, which are exactly what the title says. You cook in once, but you can make multiple meals out of it. For example, I made three chicken breasts in the crock pot and it gave me three meals. Super simple; add chicken broth, seasoning, vegetables and onion to the chicken and let it cook for about 4 hours on high. After that stir in some Philadelphia cheese to it to give it that creamy taste. I like to combine it with rice, but any carb would work. Keep your chicken left overs!!! The next day you use that to make chicken salad J and the third day use your left-over chicken salad and make a chicken salad sandwich on Hawaiian rolls. Three in one! (let me know if you would like me to do a 7 Things you need to try in your kitchen)

Ironing without an iron

We all know those Sunday mornings where our dress has a few wrinkles but don’t have enough time to take out the iron. Problem solved, use your straightener on low and there you go! If that’s not your way to go, hang it up in your bathroom while you take a nice, hot and steamy shower.


Seraina Deborah

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