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7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Mom

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Coffee Mug

If your mom is like mine this will be the way to her heart. My mom loves coffee, as well as hot tea, therefore a mug is always something she can use and loves getting as a present. I love this one especially because it gives it a personal touch as well as a warm Christmas feeling.

Oil Diffuser

I personally love this!!! Most moms love things that smell good like candles, but why not switch it up this year and try an oil diffuser? I assure you she will love it. Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents and lavender really helps me stay calm especially through exam week coming up.


This can be a present for any budget range. You can either get fashion jewelry or real fine jewelry. I personally got those earrings for my mom last year and she loved them!!! They are super cute and match to a lot of outfits.

Cozy Blanket

Winter is all about cozying up during the cold winter breeze, am I right? A blanket is something that is affordable as well as something that can be used throughout the whole year. If your budget is a little higher you could get the blanket, the mug, and the slippers below, as a set.

Cross Band Fleece Slippers

Those slippers are almost always sold out which says it all. They are so soft and the perfect gift if your mom loves staying warm throughout the season.

Wrap Up

How cute is that hat with the scarf?!?!? This is something that actually was on my moms Christmas wish list and I thought that not only she would be excited about it but so would many more moms be. There are multiple colors available for both and match up perfect :)

Original Painting

If your budget is much higher or you decide to join with your siblings/relatives to give your mom a present this is the most unique present. Check out @claudiaartandstyle on Instagram to see what amazing pieces are available and message her for more information!

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