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7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

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Echo Dot

Echo dot, also known as Alexa, is one of the most popular speakers nowadays. I personally own one and I would not trade it for anything. From telling it to play my favorite songs, to telling it to find my phone, echo dot really makes life more fun and much easier :) 

Beer Lid Map

Does your boyfriend like to travel? This might just be the perfect present for your guy then. To every state he travels to, he can cover the map with beer or soda lids. 

Adidas Shoes

“Thank you for walking into my life.” Sweet and simple! And which guy doesn’t love getting new sneakers :) This is a great shoe and very good quality, especially for the price. It comes in multiple colors to give you a couple different options.

Multi Apple Charger

If your guy owes an apple watch, iPhone, and AirPods, this is a perfect and affordable gift for him! It keeps everything organized and looks fancy at the same time. 

Magnetic Phone Car Mount

I LOVE THIS! This is something that can be used daily in the car and something that will make your guy think of you everytime he gets in his car ;) Perfect right?

Personalized Socks

This gift idea is simply funny! I have always thought personalized gifts are great and this one is to die for :)


“After all this TIME, I am still in love with you <3” A watch might be a classic but will always be one of the best presents. I love the look of this fossil watch with the nice brown wild leather band.

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